Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Enercities is a computer simulation game which allows you to build your own city. It is suitable for Intermediate level learners and is worth trying for the vocabulary it offers to enable learners to discuss cities and ecology problems. The aim of the game is to build a sustainable city with population of 200 which is achieved at level 5. If the city runs out of oil and gas (which cannot be renewed), the game will have to be started again.

Tell the students that when they choose what factories to build to read the description of how they work, how much damage they do to the environment, etc.
For example,

  • Windmills - clean and cheap but they provide little power;
  • Coal Plant - burns coal to generate electricity; cheap and polluting;
  • Nuclear Plant - this nuclear plant does not pollute the air but has to store uranium.

Learners have to be clear with what they have to do. To achieve this make sure that before sharing the link, the students know what the icons mean and what they are expected to do. To make it easier for yourself, play the game a few times before assigning it to the class.

If you have other ideas, we would be glad to hear them. Also tell us how the game went with your students.

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