Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew is an interactive game the ultimate aim of which is to teach kids to stay safe. Although it has a British bent, the tips it gives are valid for any country really.

The game offers various scenes which can be chosen from the Front Page picture menu. The menu is easy to navigate, all you have to do is just scroll the mouse over the pictures on the map of the city and choose a scene. However, bear in mind that not all the scenes are available for free, and some of them should be downloaded. Downloadable ones are not a problem because the kids can still play it.

If a computer lab is not available at school, then you can just assign different scenes to groups of children to go through at home and then they report back to the class what they did and what they learnt. Everyone listens and take notes. Then you give them questions that cover all the scenes played (e.g. What shouldn't you do if you are out in the dark?, etc) and they have to answer the questions. If they can't remember the questions, then they need to walk around the class and find someone who played that scene and ask the person. You need to make sure that your learners do this in English.

As a follow-up assignment learners can be asked to discuss and write their own rules for keeping safe in Yerevan. This can be done in groups and then discussed with other groups.

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