Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Interactive Story

An interactive Story is a game presented as a book and it is a Choose your Adventure type of game. The game can be used with Elementary to Intermediate students and obviously will need to be adapted accordingly. As many other games, this can be used with focus on Reading, Speaking and Writing Skills (everything will depend on what the teacher wants to do with it).

The aim of the game is to help the girl to get home before it gets dark. On the way home she gets into various situation and the player has to take decisions for her. Depending on decision the course of the story changes.
As the game is not as long as some other digital games, it would be ideal to play it in the classroom with one computer connected to the Internet or on an interactive whiteboard.

It would actually be better to play it during the lesson because then you can help the learners with any unknown vocabulary. However, this can be done at home as well to develop learner independence. During the next lesson you can prepare a set of questions for the learners to answer (e.g. When does the story take place? What is the matter with the creature?, etc) and to tell the story itself first and then discuss how the story would have been different if a different decision had been taken each time.

As a follow-up writing assignment, the learners can be asked to write their own Choose Your Adventure and play it in small groups.

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